this is a private website.  to gain access contact illt#3854 via discord


We have two fully functional raid cores:

  • Evening Core – Tue/Thurs/Fri from 9pm-12am EST and is CURRENTLY FULL
  • Daytime Core – Thurs/Fri/Sun from 2:30pm – 5:30pm EST 

The needs of the Daytime Core are as follows:

  • Protection Warrior: FULL
  • DPS Warrior: LIMITED
  • Feral Druid: FULL
  • Resto Druid: FULL
  • Boomkin: FULL
  • Rogue: FULL
  • Hunter: FULL
  • Resto Shaman: LIMITED
  • Enhance Shaman: LIMITED
  • Holy Priest: FULL
  • Shadow Priest: FULL
  • Warlock: LIMITED
  • Mage: FULL

We also currently have over 200 casual players/friends and family who are playing with us.  In all we have over 300 people in the guild. The average age in our guild is 35-55 with our youngest being 24 and our oldest being 64.

We only have 3 guild rules, but we take them very seriously: 

  • No Bigotry / Racism / Religion / Politics in either our in game Guild Chat or Discord.
  • Treat your guildmates like you want to be treated.
  • Don’t do anything that makes our guild look bad to others on our server.

The guild rules are short and sweet, and they have enabled us to maintain a strong community for going on 4 years. We keep our discord and website private, but if you have interest in joining, don’t hesitate to message me in discord and I can share both with you.

If you have any interest In joining, feel free to add me on discord. my handle is illt#3854 — Or add me on Battlenet, my handle is Fearitself#11251